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"Other Ways to Give" Guide

Your "Other Ways to Give" page is one of the first steps in a successful donor journey for many non cash asset donors (after an excellent menu). 

It should: 

  • Clearly state the mission and impact of the organization. 
  • If in the USA, make it clear that the organization is a 501(c)3
  • List all methods of giving available to donors
    • Link out to standalone landing pages for each method of giving
  • Include clear contact information of the organization if their giving method is not listed. 

Great examples of "Other Ways to Give" pages include: 

  • No Kid Hungry - Other Ways to Give: This is an excellent example of a well constructed "other ways to give" page as it states clearly the mission of the organization, includes ways to get in touch with the giving team if the giving method isn't linked, makes it easy to find their gift acceptance policy and lists every single method of giving and what it is, before linking to a stand alone page for that method. 

Once your �Other Ways to Give� page is set up, it will need to link to your stand-alone landing pages.  This will ensure that donors can easily get to the many methods of giving that you support.  Instructions for creating these standalone pages can be found below: 

  1. SEO Friendly Crypto Giving Page
  2. SEO Friendly Stock Giving Page
  3. SEO-Friendly DAF Giving Page

The articles below give step by step instruction on how to customize and embed your donation form(s):

  1. How to Embed Your Individual Donation Form Widget

  2. How to Embed Your All in One Donation Form Widget