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How a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) Donation Works

With our DAF integration with Chariot, donors have a seamless giving experience without ever having to leave your nonprofit�s page.

DAF Donation Process Overview: 

  1. Donors will go to your giving web page where your donation form is housed and select "DAF".

  2. The donor is then prompted to select their preferred Donor Advised Fund (DAF) provider and sign in with their credentials.

  3. Once signed in, donors can easily specify the desired gift amount they wish to contribute to your nonprofit. Donors will be able to see their DAF account balance directly within the donation flow and are invited to �boost� their donation, which helps encourage larger donations.

  4. After selecting their desired gift amount, the donors will enter their personal information with the option to give anonymously. If someone donates anonymously, they can still enter their email to receive a confirmation of their grant but this email will not shared with the nonprofit. Note: if you have the anonymous feature disabled for crypto, it will also be disabled for DAF donations. 

  5. The final step of the donation process is for donors to select if they�d like to cover their DAF processing fee. If they select yes, this amount is added to their donation total. In this step, they can also add a note to their donation or dedicate the donation to a friend or loved one (if you have these options enabled on your donation form). 

  6. After these three simple steps, there is nothing additional needed from the donor! They�ll see a thank you page and continue exploring your nonprofit�s website. 

  7. All DAF donations and associated donor information will be automatically tracked and recorded in your dashboard. This feature ensures easy and efficient reporting, making it hassle-free to keep track of your organization's funding and donor contributions. If you have one of CRM integrations set-up, this DAF information will also seamlessly sync with the rest of your donations from The Giving Block. 

With this Chariot integration, your nonprofit will provide a user-friendly DAF giving process, enhancing donor engagement and simplifying your donation tracking efforts. By empowering your supporters to make a difference with seamless and convenient options, your organization can create stronger connections with its generous donors.