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Acquisition: Where Can You Find Crypto Donors?

Now is the fun (but at times challenging) part of your crypto journey�..getting in front of the crypto audience base!  ??


Just like traditional donors, development and fundraising professionals are always looking for the right spaces, events and conversations to be in to find and cultivate prospective donors. The same holds true for crypto donors - though the majority of your outreach will typically be online. Let�s break down the different environments you can potentially tap into the various crypto donor spaces.

Tapping Into Your Existing Donors Base

Over the years, you and your team have carefully cultivated and stewarded your donors. You have created a community of loyal donors who already support your mission, and many you established direct relationships with.


So take the hard part of asking yourself where you should start with cultivating potential crypto donors, and start with a warm lead strategy - talking to your current constituent base! Below is a list of ways you can get in front of your current donor base and not only announce your organization accepts cryptocurrency, but find out if any of your donors are knowledgeable about the Crypto/Blockchain/NFT/Web3 space.

  • If you haven�t done so already, announce to your donors that you accept crypto
  • Talk to your Leadership & Board to identify prospects from their personal and professional networks
  • Send out a donor survey (online & offline) and include questions asking the following:
    • In what ways do you support [ORGANIZATION NAME]?
      • Include cryptocurrency as a new giving option
    • How familiar are you with cryptocurrency?
    • What giving vehicle options are you likely to consider in your philanthropic giving? 
      • Include cryptocurrency as a new giving option
    • What social media platforms (if any) do you look to for advice on philanthropy?
  • Talk about cryptocurrency in your communications 
  • Check out your donors social media pages and see if they have interest in Crypto/Blockchain/NFTs

**Learn more about Announcing Your Organization Accepts Crypto with helpful templates right here in your Knowledge Base.

Building A Brand On Social Media

You started off strong by talking to your existing donor base, and now it�s time to cultivate a brand new audience on social media. Let�s first discuss why social media is vital to not only your crypto journey, but your organization's brand.


Why Social Media is Important

  • #1 free marketing tool
  • An opportunity to stand out, be unique, and be more relaxed in your messaging
  • A quick and efficient way to communicate about your mission - and provide current/prospective donors the latest news and happenings for your organization
  • Builds a stronger brand awareness and expands your audience reach


To build a brand on social media, you have to first understand that you must always show up authentically. Similar to how you cultivate traditional donors, you won�t only ask a donor to - Donate!Donate!Donate! - so you shouldn�t do that for crypto donors either. No matter how many followers you have, you want to create a voice on your chosen social media platform. Your followers want to learn more about you, the work that you do, and most importantly how they can take action to help you attain your mission.


Here Are a Few Quick & Easy Ways to Build Your Digital Brand:

  • Determine what platforms you want your organization to have a presence on

Education Tip: We encourage you to watch our July Monthly Educational Webinar on �Acquiring Crypto Donors Through Social Media� to understand the benefits of platforms that crypto donors engage on.

  • Be CONSISTENT by posting regularly and often.
  • Show your impact through mission-centric messaging. Ask yourself how a crypto donation can make a difference to your work and share that!
  • Bring your mission to life using visuals through imagery and video.
  • Make yourself the expert voice related to your mission.
  • If you already received a crypto donation to-date, always say thank you and use that as a marketing opportunity to promote crypto.

Fundraising Tip: Use hashtags in every post so your organization shows up in a prospective crypto donor�s search feeds.


Additional Resources Related to Social Media in Your Knowledge Base Include:

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By being a Giving Block client, you have built-in donor bases from not only cultivation efforts, but also our audiences as well. Take a look below on the numerous opportunities your organization has to start conversations about cryptocurrency and get in front of new and existing donors.


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