Crypto Giving Tuesday Flash Match
Terms and Conditions

How does the $100K Crypto Giving Tuesday Flash Match Work? 

Each cryptocurrency donation made via The Giving Block (“TGB”) platform during the Campaign Period to an Eligible Non-profit will be matched by Jared Isaacman (individually or through a foundation set up for the purposes of making such donations) (“Foundation”) up to $100,000 (collectively, the “Crypto Giving Tuesday Flash Match” or “Match”).

The matching of donations will be made on a first come first served basis up to $100,000 total (capped at $10k per org) and will be distributed to each Eligible Non-profit in the amount equal to the donations made during the Campaign Period.


Is there a limit to the Match for each Eligible Non-profit?

Yes. Each Eligible Non-profit will be eligible to receive up to a maximum of $10,000 during the Campaign Period, to allow a wider range of non-profits to benefit from the match.


Which non-profits are eligible to receive the match? 

“Eligible Non-profit” means any non-profit TGB subscription customer that is:

  1. enrolled on the TGB platform during the Campaign Period;
  2. in good standing (i.e., no past-due subscription fees); and
  3. either an international non-profit, or a US-based 501(c)(3) public charity or private operating foundation (specifically, excluding private non-operating foundations and 501(c)(4)s due to Renaissance Charitable DAF payout policies).

Donors can find a list of charities on The Giving Block located here.


How long does the match last? 

During the “Campaign Period”, which is from 8:30 AM US Eastern Time November 29, 2022 through the earlier of the time when the $100,000 is used up or midnight US Eastern Time November 29, 2022.


When will the Eligible Non-profits get their funds from the Match?

The match will be paid out to all Eligible Non-profits after the end of the Campaign Period. We cannot guarantee funds will be paid out in the 2022 calendar year.


How will the match donations be made to each Eligible Non-Profit?

The Foundation will contribute to the Renaissance Charitable Foundation Donor Advised Fund (“DAF”) which will distribute the proceeds to the charities as set forth above.


Will the match be in cryptocurrency or fiat?

The match will likely be made in fiat by the Foundation and will be converted into a cryptocurrency stablecoin by the DAF in order to be donated to the charities.


Will pricing fluctuations in market prices change the value of the match?

The value of the match contribution will be based upon the USD value of the cryptocurrency at the time of the donation. For example, if a donation of 1 ETH is worth $1,500 at the time of donation and $1,000 at the time the match is paid out, then the Foundation will donate $1,500 in order to fulfill its obligations under the match.


Will other stock, credit card, or other non-crypto donations be eligible for the match?

No. Only donations of cryptocurrency will be eligible for this match.


Will the charities be charged any fees for my donations?

Yes. TGB, through its third-party cryptocurrency exchange, charges standard processing fees on all donations. 


What if I (as a donor) want a refund from my donation?

All donations are final and will not be eligible for a refund.


Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

For any inquiries or questions please contact


When will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

As with any donation on the TGB platform, if you provide your email address during the donation process we will send you a tax receipt immediately following your donation on behalf of the charity.


Will the match be considered part of my individual donation?

No. You will only receive credit for the donation made by you.


Will my identity be provided to the charity that I am donating to?

Only if you choose to enter that information. Most nonprofits accept anonymous donations.